Evangeline Sutherland

Oriental Orthodox Christian, multimedia artist, musician, writer, podcaster, learning game developer, beginning programmer, general nerd, and news junkie.
Also a Celtic-Jewish disabled libertarian communist bisexual transgender girl.

My personality

Fundamentally, I'm a kind person. I can be really sensitive sometimes, but more often than not, I keep it to myself. Given that I have PTSD and various anxiety disorders, some things can be overwhelming for me. I'm an empath as well (mirror-touch synaesthesia), so I feel others' joy and suffering without really being able to comprehend it cognitively.

Yes, Homura is my waifu.

My philosophy and ideology

Spiritually, I'm an Oriental Orthodox Christian. I draw from sources such as the Desert Mothers and Fathers, the Tradition of Hesychasm, Sufi philosophy, pragmatism, process philosophy, existentialist theology, liberation theology, Wittgensteinian, Heideggerian, Hegelian, Unamunoan, and Deleuzo-Guattarian philosophy, Kabbalah, the esoteric Tradition of Orthodoxy as recorded by Boris Mouravieff, and Rudolf Steiner's system of Anthroposophy to enrich my spirituality.

Politically, I'm a pragmatic libertarian communist. What this means varies a lot. My ideal society is fully-automated luxury gay space communism a stateless post-scarcity society based entirely on green energy in which all basic needs are provided to all (and some things we consider luxuries, such as Internet access, are also considered basic needs), decentralised, participatory economic planning, and/or freed (non-capitalist) markets. My political and economic philosophy is currently somewhat of a mixture of accelerationism, communisation, Michael Hardt's and Antonio Negri's autonomism, Luxemburgism and other strains of libertarian Marxism, Bookchin's and Öcalan's social anarchism/communalism/democratic confederalism, Proudhon's and Kevin Carson's mutualism, SEK3's agorism, Henry George's geoism, the ideas of the September Group, and Amitai Etzioni's and Alasdair MacIntyre's communitarianism.

My identity

Ethnically, I'm Jewish, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, and French, with several other things mixed in here and there. I'm also a nonbinary transgender girl (male-to-female) and I'm starting hormone replacement therapy. I'm also slightly above dirt-poor, but that's class, not identity. I'm bisexual, so I'm sexually and romantically attracted to all genders. I'm disabled both physically and psychologically: I have either Lyme disease or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, with all of their accompanying neurological and rheumatological complications, and I also have PTSD (from a childhood rape), generalised anxiety disorder, intermittent major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (all professionally diagnosed) as well as what I think is schizotypal personality disorder (based on my previous diagnoses of Asperger syndrome and schizophrenia).

However, I'm not really extraordinarily concerned with this, because I believe who I am is vastly more important than what I am.

My stuff

Here are all of my major things. You'll find everything from music to books here.


My podcast, Radio Schrödinger's Cat, aims to help listeners obtain a knowledge of objective reality by presenting world events through a fun and spiritual lens. Noiyeh Nous, a Tarot reader, is my permanent guest.


I'm currently working on three major projects: Lawless, Winged, and Unconfined, an occult science-fantasy light novel; 17 Simple Meditations for Everyday Use, a short book on simple but powerful meditations, and a book on ethical philosophy. None are released yet, but the meditation book might be released very soon.


Most of my musical work is either neofolk or new wave, but I'm looking into doing other genres, especially metal, in the future. My first album, The Idols Have Been Cast Down and Rent, will be released by mid-2018.


My style varies between silly doodles and cartoons to full-fledged digital paintings and comic-style artwork.


I'm writing and doing art for two games: one is a birthday gift for a friend, and the other is called Maniphest, an episodic science-fantasy RPG epic adaptation of a certain famous German play…stay tuned to check them out!


I'm starting work on a smartphone app called Cognite that aims to help people with mental spiritual development with Fourth Way methods and techniques to overcome cognitive biases.

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