Eva Gnostiquette

Podcaster, programmer, game designer, writer, musician, artist, general nerd and news junkie.
Also female, transgender, bisexual, disabled, Gnostic pagan, ethnically Jewish, and libertarian.

My personality

Fundamentally, I'm a kind person. I can be really sensitive sometimes, but more often than not, I keep it to myself. Given that I have PTSD and possibly Asperger syndrome, some things can be overwhelming for me. I'm an empath as well (mirror-touch synaesthesia), so I feel others' joy and suffering without really being able to comprehend it cognitively.

Yes, Homura is my waifu.

My philosophy and ideology

Spiritually, I'm an eclectic Gnostic pagan. I draw from sources such as Celtic paganism and druidry, Heathenry, the Gnostic Gospels, Sufism, Wittgensteinian, Heideggerian, and Hegelian philosophy, Kabbalah, Thelema, various forms of yoga (including agni yoga, krita yoga, and raja yoga), the Feri Tradition, the Fourth Way of Gurdjieff, Steiner's Anthroposophy, and The Law of One by Ra.

Politically, I'm a left-leaning libertarian. I believe that government should be shrunk down to its smallest level and reduced to only basic functions. I believe that nobody can own natural resources, in line with Henry George and geoism, and that everyone should pay in a natural resources value tax as a sort of 'rent' to the commonwealth. This can be used to improve infrastructure and provide a universal basic income.

My identity

Ethnically, I'm Jewish, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, and French, with several other things mixed in here and there. I'm also a transgender girl (male-to-female) and I'm going to start hormone replacement therapy at some point. I'm also dirt-poor, but that's class, not identity. I'm bisexual, so I'm sexually and romantically attracted to all genders. I'm disabled both physically and psychologically: I have Lyme disease, with all of its accompanying neurological and rheumatological complications, and I also have PTSD (from a childhood rape), generalised anxiety disorder, intermittent depression, Asperger syndrome, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (all professionally diagnosed!).

However, I'm not really extraordinarily concerned with this, because I believe who I am is vastly more important than what I am.

My stuff

Here are all of my major things. You'll find everything from music to books here.


My podcast, Frequency Resonance Radio, aims to help listeners obtain a knowledge of objective reality by presenting world events through a fun and spiritual lens. Noiyeh Faith, a Tarot reader, is my permanent guest.


I'm currently working on three major projects: Lawless, Winged, and Unconfined, an occult science-fantasy light novel; 17 Simple Meditations for Everyday Use, a short book on simple but powerful meditations, and a book on ethical philosophy. None are released yet, but the meditation book might be released next month (October 2016).


Most of my musical work is either neofolk or new wave, but I'm looking into doing other genres, especially metal, in the future. My first album, The Idols Have Been Cast Down and Rent, will be released by the end of 2016.


My style varies between silly doodles and cartoons to full-fledged digital paintings and comic-style artwork.


I'm writing and doing art for two games: one is a birthday gift for a friend, and the other is called Maniphest, an episodic science-fantasy RPG epic adaptation of a certain famous German play…stay tuned to check them out!


I'm starting work on a smartphone app called Cognite that aims to help people with mental spiritual development with Fourth Way methods and techniques to overcome cognitive biases.

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