Self-portrait; around my head are five question marks, a Gnostic/Celtic cross, a transgender symbol, a Magen David, a voluntaryist symbol, a generic anarchist symbol, a geoist symbol (green circled club), and a pink triangle.

I believe that when it comes to personal identities, we should take the advice of Duns Scotus and divide the identity of an individual into their quiddities (whatnesses) and their haecceities (thisnesses).

A quiddity is what makes a person part of a category: e.g., Socrates was a man; Socrates was a Greek. A haecceity is what makes a person a unique individual: e.g., Socrates was a philosopher; Socrates died by being forced to drink hemlock.

Identity politics, or identitarianism, whether it be on the left (in the form of social justice warriors) or on the right (in the form of the alt-right), is concerned only with quiddities, thus reducing individuals to sets of labels. Focusing primarily on quiddities is anathema to my individualist philosophy; however, it must be noted that quiddities can and do shape haecceities to some extent. Thus I will briefly list my own quiddities and then go into detail about my haecceities.


Category Status
Age 18
Ethnicity Celtic-Jewish
Religion Oriental Orthodox Christian
Economic status Poor
Education status Uncertain
Hair colour Dark blonde with reddish fringes
Eye colour Striking blue-green
Skin colour Ruddy pale
Sexual orientation Bisexual
Gender Female
Sex Assigned male at birth
Disabilities Lyme disease and/or Ehlers-Danlos, oral allergy syndrome,
probable schizotypal personality disorder, ADHD,
PTSD, generalised anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder,
major depressive disorder


I'm a podcaster; my podcast is called Radio Schrödinger's Cat. I deal with a variety of topics on the show, ranging from spirituality to analytic philosophy to deep politics. Give it a listen if you enjoy my writing, but be warned that it's a bit more rambling!

I'm an autodidact in most things; I'm teaching myself how to program, how to do advanced mathematics, and how to use rhetoric well. I read philosophical works along with the news in my spare time. I've taught myself a good amount of rhythm guitar over the past year or so (as well as how to sing in a very wide vocal range) and I'm beginning to learn a bit of lead guitar and keyboard. I practise my drawing and painting skills regularly and in a variety of styles, as you can see at the top of this page (and on this one).

I am beginning work on two games: one is called Maniphest and is an adaptation of a certain old legend, while the other is a surprise. I am also writing three books, which I plan to both publish in hardcopy and release for free as PDFs: a science-fantasy novel called Lawless, Winged, and Unconfined, an as-of-yet untitled book of philosophy, and a meditation guide titled 17 Simple Meditations for Everyday Use.

Speaking of meditation, I follow old hesychastic practices of awakening consciousness with discipline of energy (it resembles a Western version of Qigong, if that makes sense). As of late, I've been lagging behind on it, but I'm beginning to resume.

I'm also a huge nerd, as you can probably tell.

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